Our Value to You

As one of the oldest financial planning firms in the nation, Waddell & Reed has provided clients with comprehensive wealth management products and services since 1937 through its network of associated, independent financial advisors. Its parent firm, Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc. (NYSE: WDR) has been a publicly traded company since 1998. Waddell & Reed is headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas, a suburb of Kansas City, Missouri, where the firm was founded by World War I veterans Chauncey Waddell and Cameron Reed.

Why Partner with Waddell & Reed?

Your success is built on your drive to own a business that’s profitable, meaningful and beneficial to clients. And you’ve invested considerable skill and passion to sustain and grow that business. You deserve a partner who invests in you with resources such as integrated technology, a broad and varied advisory portfolio and competitive compensation. But this alone is not the value we offer. Waddell & Reed prevails in a constantly evolving industry, reinventing while remaining true to the tenets that have shaped us, and always respecting what our advisors value most:


Achieve for your business all that independent advisors value – client relationships, practice model flexibility, brand identity, freedom, control, and a full-service, open-architecture platform – plus a wealth management partner that continually works with you and advocates for you.

Community of Support

Strengthen your business with the support of an intentionally layered community of:

  • Strong, local and dedicated market leaders.
  • Credentialed, industry experts at home office who specialize in business development, practice management, financial planning, client solutions, marketing, advisor transition, real estate consultation and other business-building areas.
  • Collaborative, supportive peers.

Financial Planning

Financial planning is our heritage and continues to inform how we go to market, serving as a catalyst for client success; a matchmaker for trusting, long-lasting advisor-client relationships; and the character engineer behind a friendly, loyal, caring and authentic advisor community.

Access to Decision Makers

You’re our greatest resource, and your value is not lost on us. As such, you have unprecedented access to decision-makers and information, allowing you to initiate meaningful exchanges and transform challenges into action within an agile organization that reacts quickly to your needs.

Purposeful Growth

Our financial strength affords countless benefits, and one that we value most is space for thoughtful and purposeful growth. In this space, we strategically focus on activities that allow you, the ultimate benefactor, to continue your growth trajectory, whether through expanding your team, succession planning, adding services for your clients, or other business-enhancing pursuits.

As the wealth manager of choice for advisors across the nation, we will never take your trust for granted. We commit to offering the resources you expect from a top-tier broker-dealer and the integrity you require as an advisor and business owner.

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